Hola, muses! / videomapping

CLIENT Personal project THE PROJECT Hola, muses! is a videomapping performed in The Mirrored Salon, on loan for the occasion by El Gran Teatre El Liceu in Barcelona (thank you so much for your generosity and commitment). MY WORK Characters, animation and sound design, as well as the technical study and launching of the mapping on … Leer más

La Barcarola / performance

CLIENT Gran Teatre del Liceu THE PROJECT La Barcarola is a show where music, image and illustration will interact live to involve the public in an immersive and impacting sensory experience. MY WORK Creation of the visual universe of the espectacle and as performer, I was the artist in charge of managing the live plastic … Leer más

Animalism / motion & illustration

CLIENT Personal project THE PROJECT Animalism = minimalism + animal MY WORK I am creating this series by listening and playing with objects, souls, concepts and movement. Animals are everywhere! ELEPHANT ELEPHANT BIRTH – STOP MOTION ANIMATION GIRAFFE LEAVE THE PIXEL – MOTION https://vimeo.com/manage/videos/747994605 BEE

Renéixer / illustration

CLIENT Mas Igneus THE PROJECT Renéixer (to rebirth in Catalan language) is an organic wine that talks about rebirthing in communion with the lands of El Priorat, the county where the winery Mas Igneus is located. MY WORK I was asked to create the illustrations for the labels of the red, rosé and white wines. Mas … Leer más

Escènia 2022 / graphic campaign

CLIENT Ajuntament de Foios THE PROJECT Escènia is a theater festival which is held in Foios (Valencia), in the warm nights of July. It is a significant national cultural event that supports young companies from all around the Spanish state. MY WORK To escènia or not to escènia… Image of the 20th edition of the … Leer más

III Premis Carles Santos de la Música Valenciana / graphic campaign

CLIENT Institut Valencià de Cultura – IVC THE PROJECT Poster for the 3rd Carles Santos Valencian Music Awards, which leitmotif was the music we hear on our road trips. MY WORK Creation of the picture which had to be suitable for animation, for TV broadcasting purposes. ON TV MY CREATIVE PROCESS THE THEATER

Ediciones Holobionte / publishing

CLIENT Ediciones Holobionte THE PROJECT Holobionte is an independent publisher of contemporary thinking, posthumanities and avant-garde(s) pieces. It brings the readers the international leading current thinkings—which most of them are not yet known in Spain. MY WORK Design of the brand and the cover features as well as the creation of the pictures for some books … Leer más

Pöemotion / motion

CLIENT Personal Work THE PROJECT You can travel through other worlds when things move in poetry mood. MY WORK Visual poetry in motion.2d animation and sound design. PHANTOMS OF THE PAST SHIP & TEAR

Puertas FilmFest / graphic campaign

CLIENT Puertas FilmFest THE PROJECT Puertas FilmFest (puertas means doors/gates) is a big film festival held in Puertas de Cabrales, a small village in Asturias, Spain. From this tiny corner of the world surrounded by nature, this film celebration opens the doors to the cinema. MY WORK Creation of the image for the 7th annual … Leer más