Hi! I'm Patossa

This is me, Patrícia Barrachina (València, 1979). I studied Fine Arts at the Universitat Politècnica de València and also Drama at the Escalante Centre Teatral.

Despite working as an actress for several years—since 2012—once living in Barcelona city I stay focused on the visual and graphic arts. Either for my motion graphics and stop motion animations or for my illustrations for press, advertising, publishing, etc., I always give the playing and the symbolism with colours, materials and objects the most important role from which I work, and play. 

Besides the graphic design work, I keep my connection with the performance by being part in live visual creations for events and shows. I have participated in different collective exhibitions and have toured all over Spain with different performances.

Premi Junceda Award 2021 winner, in the category of Advertising for the graphic campaign created for the Escalante Theater 20/21 Season.

How I work

“Habit robs us of the power to perceive anew, much less the power to be moved.” (Soetsu Yanagi, The Beauty of the Everyday Things).

Every project is a new journey. Nothing pleases me more than a creative journey through the things, the objects. That may be the reason why I studied drama where I learned to work with others, to improvise, to listen, to dance. That may be also the reason why I connected with ceramics and clay, the dance of the matter with my hands which brought me, little by little, almost unconsciously, to the marvelous world of the objects.

I never start working nor creating from scratch. I’m always accompanied by my accomplices—the colors, materials, and the objects. They talk to me. I make them proposals. They respond. I challenge them. We laugh. We play. We respect each other. Then, unexpected and surprising worlds emerge from the playing. Worlds that already existed. Worlds that I then comprehend, after the silent confessions of the observation and the touch, and I’m able to materialize for them to narrate themselves.

Every project is a new journey. For me, for the object, for the observer.